Is the music too loud?
Is he eluding the crowd?
Does he know how to sing?
or Is terribly, terribly me

See that girl over there
Is she trying to get somewhere?
Don't you think? She is a thrill
or is terribly, terribly me…

See that look in her eyes
Is she thinking that clown should die?
Does he know how to sing?
or is terribly, terribly…

Why? Is it so hard to believe
in those things that we need
and Why Is it so?

Pa pa ra pa pa pa pa
Clown, The Gift

Sons, músicas, palavras que gosto de ouvir.
Adoro esta música dos The Gift.
E espero ouvi-la em breve, no concerto a que espero assistir no próximo dia 10, no Coliseu dos Recreios :)
Acreditem que vale bem a pena!

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