There is no place like home

There is a place I know
where the sun may shine
or may not
and somehow
when the right time comes,
the petals of flowers are ready to leave them,
the wind begins to flow,

there is a moment when the breeze meets the petals
and suddenly,

white hearts begin to loosen up
and fall in love spirals

2 comentários:

crystal clear disse...

Maybe you are far
So, may you wish upon a star
And maybe somethings will change
Until then, until now,
shut your eyes
As you lie there in dreams
As they all clear you in the sky
And see what wings they will come
Those dreams that do not want to appear
as the stars above will twinkle away
and soon the sun will rise again
Until then
daydreams you away

Sereia* disse...

Beautiful words.

I believe that crystals meet dreams everyday :)